Fetch GIS – Web Maps & Land Records


EUPRPDC has partnered with Amalgam, LLC to develop a Regional Web Mapping and Land Information Records Portal. This Regional web map provides users with aerial imagery as well as a host of GIS layers including transportation, natural resources & recreation, census, and PLSS information. Users can interact with and view all these layers free of charge. Also included in the web map is Mackinac County’s parcel layer – viewable and searchable for free.

To print/download a PDF map of any area within the EUP, or to view detailed parcel information (currently only available in Mackinac County), users are required to pay a minimal transaction fee. Users can pay per-use, or sign up for an account and purchase credits for future transactions. Each transaction consumes a credit. For example, printing 5 PDF maps and viewing 10 detailed parcel records would consume 15 credits.

The costs for credits are as follows:

• 10 credits for $30 ($3/credit)
• 25 credits for $75 ($3/credit)
• 50 credits for $125 ($2.50/credit)
• 70 credits for $175 ($2.50/credit)
• 100 credits for $200 ($2/credit)

The intent of this fee-based online system is to make available land record information and property maps that were not readily available together in the past. The fees collected from this system are re-invested into the Regional GIS system and will help improve the accuracy of property maps and information.

Fetch Web Map

Fetch Land Records Portal (Parcel Records Search)