Bay Mills Township

Chippewa County

Bay Mills Township, located in the northern part of Chippewa County, is beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Superior. Running east to west for nearly 24 miles, the township is narrow in width – ranging from as little as two miles to at most five miles. Its spectacular location can be linked to some of Bay Mills Township’s most unique landmarks, including Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Pendills Creek Fish Hatchery, and the Bay Mills Indian Community reservation.

A substantial portion of the township’s industry relates back to Bay Mills Indian Community, including the community’s governmental and administrative offices, in addition to enterprises that include casinos, golf courses, hotels, restaurants, and health centers. Education is also a key employer in the township, where both the Bay Mills Community College and Brimley Area Schools are found.

Bay Mills Township Population Trends
Year Population
2021 1,804
2020 1,567
2018 1,465
2017 1,465
2016 1,465
2015 1,465
2014 1,476
2013 1,490
2012 1,492
2011 1,491
2010 1,480