Bruce Township

Chippewa County

Bruce Township Dunbar Park Sign

Bruce Township is found on the shore of the St. Marys River, which connects Lake Huron with Lake Superior. This rural township is home to a mix of farmland and residential properties, as well as limited light industry – all scattered over the township’s 87 square miles. Hayfields and cattle farms make up the largest part of the agricultural picture. Most light industry exists in the state highway M-129 corridor and the areas along the St. Marys River are home to fishing resorts and vacation rentals. The unincorporated community of Barbeau is located in Bruce Township. In addition to the connection to M-129, Bruce Township is also home to another critical transportation conduit: the Neebish Island ferry. Ferry service is vital to the approximately 90 residents of Neebish Island and the many vacationers who flock to the area.

Bruce Township Population Trends
Year Population
2021 2,403
2020 2,000
2018 2,106
2017 2,106
2016 2,106
2015 2,106
2014 2,121
2013 2,142
2012 2,146
2011 2,146
2010 2,131