DeTour Village

Chippewa County

DeTour Village's DeTour Botanical porch view to a boat on a lawn

Today, DeTour Village is a popular destination for paddlers, anglers, boating enthusiasts, and those who enjoy watching the mighty freighters pass through the passage. Onshore, tourists flock to DeTour for bird watching, hiking, and wintertime pursuits, like snowmobiling and snowshoeing.  The DeTour Reef Lighthouse, located one mile offshore, also attracts visitors seeking to enjoy a summer Saturday tour.

DeTour is also home to another critical transportation asset: the Drummond Island Ferry dock. Boats capable of holding as many as 32 vehicles make the one-mile trip across the St. Marys River between DeTour and Drummond Island on an hourly basis. More than 400,000 passenger crossings are made annually.

DeTour Village Population Trends
Year Population
2020 263
2018 322
2017 321
2016 321
2015 322
2014 324
2013 327
2012 327
2011 328
2010 325