Hulbert Township

Chippewa County

Hulbert Township Post Office front of building

Located on the extreme western end of Chippewa County is Hulbert Township, a 72-square mile municipality and home to Hulbert Lake. Nearly half of the township’s area is owned by the State of Michigan as part of Lake Superior State Forest. It is no surprise that fishing streams, wildlife, and scenic wildlands play a big role in Hulbert Township’s economy. The township was once an important lumber distribution center, but while it’s not as central as it once was, the timber industry is still part of Hulbert’s economy. Hulbert Township is traversed by the important east-west transportation corridor of M-28. It is also home to the unincorporated community of Hulbert.

Township Office

Hulbert Twp.
37685 W. 4th St.
Hulbert, MI 49748-0128

Phone: (906) 876-2353

Fax: (906) 876-2562


Hulbert Township Recreation Plan 1994

Hulbert Township Land Use Plan 1976

Hulbert Township Population Trends
Year Population
2021 124
2020 171
2018 166
2017 166
2016 166
2015 166
2014 167
2013 169
2012 169
2011 169
2010 168