Pickford Township

Chippewa County

Pickford Area Historical Museum building view from sidewalk

Pickford Township is located in the southeastern portion of Chippewa County. The township encompasses a geographic area of 119.8 square miles. Charles Pickford first settled in the area around the year 1877. The township was primarily a farming area, as were many of the surrounding areas during that time. Some of the first businesses in Pickford included hotels and boarding houses, a store, a barbershop, a blacksmith shop, a creamery, and later an automobile garage/dealership. The first school was started in the year 1880 by Miss Emma Pickford. In 1882, a school board was organized and the first school building was erected. Pickford Township was established in 1916.

Recreational opportunities are abundant in Pickford Township, which is home to a DNR State Forest Campground, located on the Munuscong River. In the winter months, snowmobile enthusiasts enjoy 21 miles of trails and in the summer, ORVs have 14 miles of trails to explore.

Township Office

Pickford Twp.
155 E. Main St.
Pickford, MI 497740456

Phone: (906) 647-3361

Fax: (906) 647-8820


Pickford Township Master Plan Amendment 2011

Pickford Township Master Plan 2009

Pickford Township Land Use Zoning Ordinance 1975

Pickford Township Population Trends
Year Population
2021 2,560
2020 2,791
2018 1,579
2017 1,579
2016 1,579
2015 1,579
2014 1,591
2013 1,607
2012 1,608
2011 1,607
2010 1,597