Superior Township

Chippewa County

Planter of flowers in front of wooden fence of Superior Township Park

Superior Township is situated in the north-central part of Chippewa County. A small area on the northern border has waterfront access to Lake Superior at Waishkey Bay. Superior Township is very rural in nature. Brimley – an unincorporated town and the only community within the township – provides services such as a school, post office, and small retail. Sault Ste. Marie is fifteen miles away. The total area of Superior Township is about 104 square miles of which 85% is forested. In terms of land ownership, 65% of the land is public, 35% private/other.

Superior Township Population Trends
Year Population
2018 1,322
2017 1,322
2016 1,322
2015 1,322
2014 1,322
2013 1,347
2012 1,348
2011 1,347
2010 1,339