McMillan Township

Luce County

Beach shoreline with McMillan Township's Crisp Point Lighthouse in distance

McMillan Township, the largest in Luce County, is blessed with 32 miles of Lake Superior shoreline as its northern border. The township’s natural features draw tourists from all over the country. Home to a portion of Tahquamenon Falls State Park and vast acres of forest land, there is plenty of nature to explore. Whether hunting for deer in the woods or agate at the shoreline, this is 604.6 square miles of bounty. The county seat, the Village of Newberry, is located in McMillan Township. There are also other notable destinations here, including the Newberry Logging Museum, Crisp Point Lighthouse, and the thunderous Tahquamenon Falls.  It is also home to the area’s largest employers: Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and the Newberry Correctional Facility. A Louisiana-Pacific mill is also found in McMillan Township.

Township Office

McMillan Twp.
405 Newberry Ave.
Newberry, MI 49868-0442

Phone: (906) 293-8798

Fax: (906) 293-8854


McMIllan Township Recreation Plan 1985

McMillan Township Population Trends
Year Population
2021 2,614
2020 2,471
2018 2,582
2017 2,582
2016 2,582
2015 2,582
2014 2,586
2013 2,636
2012 2,643
2011 2,657
2010 2,685