Village of Newberry

McMillan Township

street corner in downtown newberry

The Village of Newberry was founded in 1882 and named for John Stoughton Newberry, a U.S. Representative with railroad business interests. The village measures less than a square mile and is located within McMillan Township. In 2002, Newberry was named the Moose Capital of Michigan by the State Legislature.

Newberry is home to Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and the Newberry Correctional Facility – two of the area’s largest employers. It is also home to the Tahquamenon Logging Museum, which provides education on the area’s timber history. The village is also the gateway to the Tahquamenon Falls, the last community one visits en route to the attraction. With close proximity to a variety of attractions, including the Toonerville Trolley, acres and acres of state and national forests, and miles of snowmobile trails, Newberry’s year-round tourism industry is a significant part of the local economy.

Village of Newberry Population Trends
Year Population
2021 1,436
2020 1,446
2018 1,426
2017 1,436
2016 1,445
2015 1,458
2014 1,455
2013 1,480
2012 1,482
2011 1,497
2010 1,514