Clark Township

Mackinac County

Close up of life preserver on dock of Clark Township Boat Launch

Clark Township, a municipality within Mackinac County, is home to the scenic Les Cheneaux Islands and occupies the southeastern corner of the county. There it can be reached by heading east from I-75 on Michigan’s recently designated scenic byway, M-134. Clark Township is also accessible by boat off of Lake Huron at the docks of the unincorporated communities of Hessel and Cedarville—3 miles apart from one another on M-134. Hessel also has the only airport in the Township. The Township covers 101.5 square miles, 79.1 of which are land. More than three hundred years ago explorers and fur traders traveled through this protected waterway of a 36-island archipelago known as Les Cheneaux, a French expression meaning “The Channels.”

With 176 miles of Lake Huron shoreline, the sheltered bays, boathouses, sandy beaches, and natural beauty of the area provide four seasons of fun, rest, and relaxation for vacationers and residents alike. There are several nature preserves located within the area, offering lots of opportunities for exploration and introspection. The appeal of the area means that tourism is a major driver of the Township’s economy.

Clark Township Population Trends
Year Population
2021 1,847
2020 1,917
2018 2,014
2017 2,014
2016 2,014
2015 2,014
2014 2,047
2013 2,046
2012 2,059
2011 2,048
2010 2,051