Portage Township

Mackinac County

Main Street in Curtis Michigan near Portage Creek

Portage Township is located on the western end of Mackinac County. The Township is primarily forested and 20.5% of its 72.2 square miles are owned by the state within the Lake Superior State Forest. The majority of the Township’s population is located in and around the small, rural unincorporated village of Curtis. Curtis is located on a strip of land that borders both the northern shoreline of the South Manistique Lake and the southern shoreline of Manistique Lake. Development in Curtis, and throughout Portage Township, consists of primary and secondary housing and recreational property. Commercial properties are mainly concentrated along Main Street in Curtis. These commercial properties consist mainly of businesses that cater to the tourist industry, such as restaurants, taverns, convenience stores, and recreational vehicle dealerships. There is limited shopping and employment within the township. There is a thriving arts community that revolves around the Erickson Center for the Arts. With plenty of woods and water, Portage Township is a nature lover’s destination.

Portage Township Population Trends
Year Population
2021 880
2020 907
2018 958
2017 958
2016 958
2015 958
2014 974
2013 975
2012 982
2011 977
2010 979