On this page, EUPRPDC will share annually-updated socio-economic data for the region comprised of Chippewa County, Luce County, and Mackinac County, Michigan. EUPRPDC intends for this resource to be used by local units of government, grant-writers, residents, students, and businesses. Please contact EUPRPDC if you have questions or need something specific that is not shared on this page.

Disclaimers: For a majority of the data, there is a lag: data is usually published at least a year behind the current date. Margins of error exist for all of this data; smaller, less-populated municipalities will, in most cases, have higher margins of error–e.g. Hulbert Township’s margin of error for a given variable will be larger than Chippewa County’s for the same variable.

EUPRPDC pulls data from a variety of sources. Depending on the need of a given project, EUPRPDC will access state and federal resources to obtain the data required. Below are some common sources. If one has questions about using these sites, please contact EUPRPDC to get assistance.

  • American Fact Finder
  • Census.gov
  • Michigan Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives
  • National Association of Counties
  • NERDE Mapping
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis

  • Chippewa County
  • Bay Mills Township
  • Bruce Township
  • Chippewa Township
  • Dafter Township
  • DeTour Township
  • DeTour Village
  • Drummond Island Township
  • Hulbert Township
  • Kinross Charter Township
  • Raber Township
  • Sault Ste. Marie – City
  • Soo Township
  • Sugar Island Township
  • Superior Township
  • Trout Lake Township
  • Whitefish Township

  • Luce County
  • Columbus Township
  • Lakefield Township
  • McMillan Township
  • Newberry Village of
  • Pentland Township

  • Mackinac County
  • Bois Blanc Township
  • Brevort Township
  • Clark Township
  • Garfield Township
  • Hendricks Township
  • Hudson Township
  • Mackinac Island City of
  • Marquette Township
  • Moran Township
  • Newton Township
  • Portage Township
  • St. Ignace Township
  • St. Ignace City of

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