What is the Mini-grant Program?

The Mini-grant Program is a grants giving partnership financed by the State of Michigan through the Michigan Arts and Cultural Council (MACC) and administered by regional re-granting agencies.  It is one of several grant programs MACC offers.

There are two components of the Mini-grant program:  Arts Projects and Professional Development grants. These are special opportunities to address local arts and cultural needs as well as increasing public access to arts and culture.  Organizations and individuals must be registered in the MACC SmartSimple Grant Portal. 

Arts Projects Minigrants (2024 Project Support Guidelines) provide up to $4,000 for locally developed, high quality arts and cultural projects.

Professional Development Minigrants (2024 POD Guidelines) provide up to $1,500 to assist nonprofit organizations and arts professionals acquire services or skills to strengthen the administrative infrastructure of the organization.

Deadline to Apply for FY 2024: January 15, 2024 for projects within the period March 1, 2024 through September 30, 2024.

  • 2024 Final Reports Due: Thirty Days after project end or no later than October 15, 2024 if project ends September 30th.

2024 Minigrant Project Support – Final Report Instructions ;  2024 POD – POD Final Report Instructions

Call or email Ellen Benoit for more assistance at (906) 635-1581 or ellen at

Previously Funded Projects

Individual grant assistance can be available upon request via Zoom: contact Ellen Benoit to set up an appointment.

Other Art and Cultural Resources:

Upper Peninsula Arts and Cultural Alliance    –  The Alliance was founded to bring together members of the creative community from all ends of the Upper Peninsula.  UPACA Strategic Framework

Michigan Humanities Council – connects people and communities by fostering and supporting quality cultural programs.

Creative Many – leading advocacy for the arts, culture and arts education and the transformative power of the creative industries in Michigan.

Michigan Museums Association – shares expertise and resources to promote standards and practices that make the Michigan museum community thrive.

Michigan Youth Arts Association – an alliance that develops, recognizes and advocates excellence in arts education for all